Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Curry

Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Curry

This vegan curry is perfect for batch cooking! Cook up a pot of this thick, creamy curry and portion out for lunches or dinners with rice or some warm flatbread.


Serves 4

2 medium/large sweet potatoes

1 small cauliflower head

75g baby spinach

2 heaped teaspoons of turmeric

3-4 cloves of garlic

1/2 brown onion


Heat some olive oil in a deep saucepan. Add finely chopped garlic and onion and brown.

Add the chopped and peeled sweet potatoes to the pot with some salt and 1 teaspoon turmeric. Pour in enough hot water to cover the sweet potato. Give it a good stir and cover with a lid. Leave to cook until the sweet potato starts to become tender.

To help it along and thicken the consistency of the curry, mash down some of the chunks with a ladle to break them up.

Add in the chopped cauliflower with a few sprinkles of salt and another teaspoon of turmeric. Be generous with the salt, this curry drinks it all up so you’ll need more than you think!

Leave the pot to simmer and cook for a good while, at least 15 minutes or so. Once you’ve got a thick, creamy consistency, turn off the heat and add in your baby spinach. Mix well.

Serve with rice or soft bread! Delicious!

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